World Nomads is undoubtedly our leading insurance company. We have been using it since we started traveling because it has always given us the opportunity to be flexible on dates and the staff is very friendly and easy to contact even on social media to solve small problems, have great feedback and offer extensive coverage at an absolutely fair price.

Vacation, fixed-term travel or hardcore travel?

When you go on holiday or leave home for a trip of which you know the precise timing of departure and arrival, there are a multitude of valid insurances and you may even be spoilt for choice. But if you start out with a one-way ticket, without having precise plans and expiry dates, your options are drastically restricted and you are left with only you, the World Nomad. Below we explain the main reasons why for some years now we have always chosen only her.

Simplicity and flexibility

Most travel insurances can only be taken out by your country of origin and never after your journey has started. With World Nomad, you can also take out travel insurance after your journey has started and from anywhere in the world. A great comfort for those who travel like us without specific plans.

Free and flexible timetables

One of the great conveniences of World Nomad for us is the ease with which you can extend your policy, even from week to week, quickly and online. When you leave with a one-way ticket and do not know the date of your return it becomes difficult to decide how long to insure yourself. With World Nomad, it only takes a few clicks to extend your insurance in minutes.

Coverage for a wide range of activities

The World Nomad is available in two versions, Standard and Explorer. The difference between one and the other are the activities covered by the policy. The Explorer version covers a very long list of activities, including extreme sports with a high risk factor. When you take out your policy you can check whether the activity you are interested in is covered or not and whether, as is the case for extreme sports, you have to pay a surcharge.

Manual work

We often travel with Workaway (if you don’t know what workaway is, we’ll explain it HERE) or find small jobs to finance our longer trips on site. Also in this case World Nomad is the only travel insurance to cover this type of activity. Buying the policy in the Explorer version you will be covered for even the most common manual work (such as fruit picking for example).

Why choose it

World Nomads is the perfect insurance company for backpackers and travellers. It is an insurance designed by travelers for people who are always on the move and covers all the essentials that a real traveler needs. From the very first moment it seemed to be sewn on us and on those who like us travel without having everything planned and do not want to be tied up or waste too much time with the “bureaucracy”.

You can use the form below to get a quote and buy the right travel policy for you (or simply click HERE to go directly to their website)

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