Podhajska and Poľný Kesov, we are talking about spas.

In Slovakia there are many spas, some of which offer recreation and relaxation in both summer and winter, while others are mainly curative. In spas open to all audiences it is easy to find children playing with the ball, others with armrests, glasses and snorkel. Some of their spas are used as our summer pools. Often there are water slides and music.

Below are a couple of thermal pools that we have tested, more than once, located in south-west Slovakia, inexpensive and not too crowded, quite relaxing, especially not very famous, but equally valid.

(Visit in the autumn period of 2016)

 Thermal Park Nitrava

A half hour’s drive along the roads between the countryside and the villages south of Nitra will take you to the Poľný Kesov spa. The thermal water of Thermal Park Nitrava benefits the nervous system, regenerates bones and joints, relaxes muscles and helps relieve rheumatism.

From the outside, a sign invites you to enter a tree-lined parking lot and on the spot you will immediately notice some work in progress. There are some slides that I imagine will soon be incorporated into the spa structure. This is a great place for families with children, but also for people of a certain age.

If you follow the road on the right, you will recognize the entrance in the last building. Unfortunately nobody speaks English, but as always in some way you understand each other. The entrance to the spa costs € 7.50 for 3 hours (€ 9.50 for the whole day), when I was in September the wellness area was open only Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday (at a cost of € 9.00).

I also added a 45-minute massage to the entrance for 18€ and let my back melt by Svetlana’s skilful hands, who let me spend 45 minutes of pure relaxation and relieved my back pains. The spa area consists of 3 pools plus one for children from 3 to 12 years. One outdoor and two indoor.

The indoor pool that from the outside offers a whirlpool with cold water and waterfall water jets and here there are lessons in water biking and water gym, with music attached anything but relaxing. The indoor swimming pool, as well as being the hottest one, is undoubtedly also the quietest one, in the background the radio, the lights are low and in the evening they change color shades.

It is easily reached by bus from Nitra.


Wellness Centrum Aquamarin

Also located south of Nitra, the town of Podhajska is famous for its thermal pools. It is a little more expensive than the nearby Poľný Kesov (11 euros for 3 hours), but perhaps a little more equipped. The area is divided into three parts. Saunas and Turkish baths with entrance from the locker rooms accessible at extra cost, and indoor and outdoor pools.

In the indoor area you will find a couple of whirlpools, the main pool with waterfall, a fairly fun water vortex and the bar from which you can take drinks while sitting comfortably in the water. Towards the bottom there is another more secluded and warmer pool and the children’s area with a small pool.

I have not found information anywhere, but in my opinion these pools have very little thermal, but on the contrary very much chlorine.

The outdoor pool instead is thermal and very hot, really fantastic. There are two pools of water, one very cold and the other a little less, regenerating for the body and circulation. Hidden towards the bottom of a small wooden house houses a free sauna always uncrowded.

The staff speaks English and I found a lady who also spoke a very good Italian. The massage area is not accessible on Mondays.

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